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As of 10 December 2014 the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Russia in the United Kingdom and the Russian Visa Application Centres in London and Edinburgh will start collecting biometric data (fingerprints) of all foreign nationals and stateless persons for each of their application for Russian visa.

Biometric data will not be collected when issuing diplomatic and official visas, nor for individuals under 12 years of age.

Based on the above listed information, from 10 December 2014 all applicants who wish to apply for a Russian visa should do so in person at the Russian Visa Application Centres in London and Edinburgh.

It is now even more important to ensure that your documents are correct and your application is accepted first time round. Travel Visa Pro will save your valuable time and money by assisting in the following:

- Obtaining a Voucher/Confirmation - £30 + VAT = £36.00
- Review completed Application Form prior lodging your documents - £25.00 + VAT = £30.00
- Complete an Application Form on your behalf - £50.00 + VAT = £60.00

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